JELM: Joint Effort Leisure Ministry

You Are Important to Us

We believe that every person with whom we come into contact is someone Jesus wants us to meet and get to know. That’s why we are interested in getting to know you better. Your combination of gifts, experiences, humor and passions will make us a better church so, we want you to become a part of us!

How You Are Important to Jesus

The most valuable thing for any person to realize is that he or she is of indescribable value to Jesus. There has never been anyone just like you, nor will there ever be! And Jesus has come that you might find out just how good life can be for you and those around you. We believe that Jesus alone can give us the opportunity to live a fulfilling life now and an eternal one after we have died. The relationship Jesus wants to have with you is one that makes all of the difference in the world – it’s a matter of life and death. And He wants you to choose life by choosing Him.

How to Become a Follower of Jesus

Becoming a follower of Jesus begins with a few simple steps, but you must be willing to take these steps seriously and honestly:

  • You have to admit that you cannot live a perfect life, which is what God expects us to do. This means you must recognize that you need someone who has lived a perfect life (that’s Jesus) to rescue you.
  • You have to turn away from living your own way and choose to live Jesus’ way. This means that you must forget the way you now live and focus on living the way Jesus wants you to live.
  • You have to face up to Jesus and tell Him that He is going to be in charge of your life from now on. This means that He becomes both your Savior (rescuer) and Lord (master).
  • You must do all of this by simply trusting that He is listening to you and will keep his promise that He will enter into your life and assure you that He is with you forever.
  • Tell someone who already knows Jesus that you have made this decision, had this conversation with Jesus, and want to to get started on the journey. That could be a Christian friend you might know, a neighbor that has told you about Jesus, or someone here at CPC.

Congratulations on making the best decision of your life! Now join us on our journey!

JELM: Joint Effort Leisure Ministry

The JELM is a non-profit activity program and a ministry of the Community Presbyterian Church. Because of the damage to our church campus, JELM activities for 2018 and 2019 season are currently sponsored by the City of Port Aransas. The city’s Parks and Recreation Department is offering activities for residents of Port Aransas and our winter guests.

We look forward to you joining our JELM program on our campus once we restart! If you have questions in the interim, use the secure contact form on this website to reach us, or call: (361) 749-5319.