CPC is a Purpose-Driven Church

This means that everything we do is focused on one of five areas that guide our lives as a church (WORSHIP, WELCOME, WALK, WORK, WITNESS), and that every decision we make will be guided by our Mission, Vision and Values Statements. It’s all about what Jesus wants us to do today, not about doing things the way we’ve always done them.

How to Become a Member

First, you simply need to tell us that you are interested in becoming a member. You can do this by checking off the box when you register your attendance, by talking with any staff member, or contacting Pastor Steve during the week.
Second, you will be asked to affirm your faith in a meeting with Pastor Steve and a couple of his church’s leaders.
Third, you will need to affirm your faith before the church family.
Fourth, you will need to attend an enquirers class which is designed specifically to get you grounded in your faith and in your commitment to your new church family.
Teaching you how to study the Bible, pray and discover the gifts you have to share with others.
Encouraging you to stay true to Jesus in those times when it’s hard to do.Requests for membership are honored several times a year.